Pressure on drivers over EU tyre law

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Although the UK is due to leave the EU next year, British drivers could still be affected by the change – expected in 2020 – because Brussels regulations may remain in force after Brexit.

Campaigners from Get Britain Out claimed the move could add up to £15 to the price of a tyre for a middle-range family saloon.

Jayne Adye, director of the pressure group, said: “There are many pieces of legislation, such as this one, which are set to come into force before December 2020 and the end of the Brexit transition period.

“It is imperative we leave as soon as possible to avoid such red tape entering our statute book.”

New EU law could lead to tyres costing £15 or more

A European Commission spokesman said: “This will help consumers make significant fuel savings – for example, a household could save up to £112 per car and per year just by using more efficient tyres.”

The International Tyre Manufacturers’ Association has backed the proposals.

President Alfred Graham said: “ITMA is fully supportive of any measure that improves tyre safety.”