PUBG outperforms Fortnite on mobile with massive downloads

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The trend of gaming on smartphones shot up with popular games such as Subway Surfer and Temple Run. However, the young chunk has got something new to go bonkers about and it's none other than PUBG. Its indulging experience and life-like graphics have surely managed to hook the youth and its claimed download count of staggering 100 million is an epitome of it.

Tencent has recently said that the popular game has crossed the figure of 100 million downloads on iOS and Android devices. On latter, only the beta version of Fortnite is available.

After four months of launching it on March 19 this year, Tencent found 14 million users being active everyday on the game. Apart from the seamless gaming experience, what keeps the players engaged is the regular updates in maps and game modes. And, after the recent addition of Mission: Impossible crossover event, the fun and engagement considerable increased.

Well, it's not to say that PUBG is earning more due to the higher number of downloads. Looking at the revenue, Fortnite's earning is around five times more than PUBG's. According to a report from Bloomberg, PUBG's gross revenue reached $19 million in 11 weeks while Fortnite revenue reached a hefty $92 million during the same period. That's owing to the popularity Fortnite enjoys in the US from where it fetched 60 per cent of its total revenue. On the other hand, PUBG has been performing commendably across Asia.




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