Netflix tests video ads between episodes and users aren’t in favour

Nobody likes ads during regular shows and Netflix is reportedly trying to insert video promos in between episodes of a show. Clearly, not many would be in agreement with the company.

As TechCrunch reports, Netflix is testing the feature to run full-screen video promos which are personalized based on the user's viewing history. What perhaps makes the promos more annoying is that they replace the preview for the next episode of the running show, including the title, description, and thumbnail.

Users took to Twitter and Reddit to file their complaints about the annoying new test. The company has responded saying that it is a limited test being run on a small percentage of its global audience.

The company's aim is to improve user experience by bringing recommendations between episodes and cut down on their discovery time. Netflix conducts such experiments round the year and not all of these features make it to the original format. Given that it is a paid subscription service, users evidently demand a no-ad experience.