Part-time President? ONE QUARTER of Trump’s presidency has been spent at a golf club


A total of one third of his presidency — or 193 days — has been spent on Trump property, rather than in the White House.

The figures come from NBC News who have been monitoring his visits since the start of his term in 2017.

The Washington Post has also reported the president has spent 110 days playing golf.

However, it unclear how accurate this number actually is as it is not officially disclosed or recorded by the White House.

Trump had previously criticised Barack Obama for playing golf during his time in office.

Trump tweeted back in 2014: “Can you believe that, with all the problems and difficulties facing the US, President Obama spent the day playing golf. Worse than Carter.”

Obama had spent only 44 days playing golf at the same point of his presidency.

If Trump continues to play golf at the same rate, he will have spent 322 days on a course by the time of the next election in 2024.

Whereas, over Obama’s eight-year presidency, he played golf for a total of 306 days.

Whilst campaigning, Trump gave the impression he would be more focused on the presidency than his golf game.

He said he “wouldn’t have time to play golf.”

Last month, Trump visited Scotland where he has his Turnberry golf course where he said he would “hopefully” be able to play some golf.

When visiting the UK, Trump enjoys visiting the course at Turnberry as he is fond of Scotland as it is where his mother was from.

This was sandwiched between a meeting with NATO leaders and a summit with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki.

Before the visit to his golf course, Trump met with Theresa May where he criticised her approach to Brexit.

Throughout the visit, there were protests in major cities across the country with Sadiq Khan strongly criticising his visit.