Relationship expert explains how there are only two kinds of cheating

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Cheating is a major issue among couples and one that most probably marks the end of any relationship. But while people may cite different circumstances and factors for this breach of trust, experts suggest there are just two kinds of cheating.

A sex therapist claims that adultery comes under one of two main categories, the first one being the one described as ‘can opener’ affairs. Here the person cheats on a partner as a way to bring an end to the relationship instead of confronting issues and this is mostly done by women.

This is meant to bring a quick and swift end to a relationship as the partner who is cheated feels their pride has been hurt. This makes forgiveness or mending the relationship difficult.

The second kind of cheating is mostly done by men and is a way of making up for something that they don’t get from a relationship. People here are either trying to fill an emotional or sexual void through an illicit relationship since they are afraid of bringing it up with their partner.