Man undergoes emergency surgery after pushing 15 boiled eggs up his rectum


People are known to indulge in strange practices for various reasons, but some actions just can’t be explained in any way. Several incidents of people landing up in difficult situations after inserting objects in their private parts have been reported in the past few years, and they tend to get more shocking each time.

A 29-year-old man from Netherlands had to undergo emergency surgery after he pushed 15 hard boiled eggs inside his rectum. The man was high on GHB when he decided to do it and ended up tearing his intestines.

When he felt unwell he went to a hospital where doctors noticed 120 heartbeats per minute along with 29 rapid breaths a minute. Scans showed a perforation of the pelvic colon and fluids in his abdominal cavity.

The rapture caused by eggs was sewn up after removing eggs and rinsing the abdominal cavity. He was lucky enough to survive after the bizarre drug fuelled misadventure.