When Moeen Ali was called ‘Osama’ by an Aussie cricketer during 2015 Ashes series


London: England all-rounder Moeen Ali has revealed that he was called ‘Osama’ during the 2015 Ashes series.

England went onto beat Australia in that series at home, clinching the series 3-2.

Moeen revealed this in his autobiography to be published later this month, which is also going to be serialised by The Times.

“It was a great first Ashes Test in terms of my personal performance. However, there was one incident which had distracted me. An Australian player had turned to me on the field and said, ‘Take that, Osama’. I could not believe what I had heard. I remember going really red. I have never been so angry on a cricket field,” he had written.

'I told a couple of the guys what the player had said to me and I think Trevor Bayliss must have raised it with Darren Lehmann, the Australians' coach,” he revealed.

Moeen goes onto explain about the conversation between the then Australia coach Darren Lehmann and the unnamed Aussie cricketer.

When Lehmann asked the cricketer,"Did you call Moeen Osama?" he denied it. The player replied "No, I said, ‘Take that, you part-timer’.

I must say I was amused when I heard that for there is a world of difference between the words "Osama" and "part-timer,” he goes onto say.