Here’s how stitches inside the stomach can help people lose 30 kilos in 6 months

As obesity remains a major concern across the globe, people are trying to find different ways to shed excess weight. While exercising and dietary trends are popular, many also choose to go for surgery.

Now a new procedure promises to help people lose as much as 30 kg in a span of five to six months. This involves shrinking the size of the stomach by stitching it up.

No incisions are required as this method avoids scarring and allows people to get back to work within days. It reduces the appetite of a person by making them feel fuller while they eat lesser.

But people are also warned that overindulging can cause the delicate stitches to break. Surgeons say the process is more successful than other invasive methods as it also relies on psychological control on part of the patients.

Studies showed that most patients undergoing the procedure lose 60 percent of their excess weight.