Shocking scans show knife lodged in man’s face days after he was stabbed

Some injuries are most likely to result in a person’s death but at times people do miraculously survive. Several incidents of people making their way to the hospital with sharp objects missing their vital organs by a fraction have been reported in the past few years.

Now shocking scans showing a knife stuck in a man’s face are creating a stir on the internet. The 25-year-old from South Africa was stabbed in the face during a drunken fight with his friend.

The blade lodged under his left eye was missing a handle and didn’t move as it was stuck in a bone. The man first said that he only had a headache and found it hard to move his left eye.

Ear, nose and throat specialists were called in due to the nature of the injury and an X-ray was conducted two days later. No blood vessels were damaged as the blade was surgically removed.

The man was allowed to go home two days later and said that he felt lucky to be alive.