Top-end iPhone XS Max shows highest demand, outsells XS

After the launch of the iPhone XS and XS Max, the astonishing pricing gave rise to several trolls and memes on the social media owing to people finding it overly expensive. However, as it is known, Apple fans are the most loyal and a majority of them cannot resist from buying the latest model. The same phenomenon has been observed as not only the new iPhones are selling well but the larger and most premium model has being witnessing the highest demand.

As reported by MacRumours, the largest 6.5-inch iPhone XS Max is selling more than the 5.8-inch iPhone XS. The difference in demand is around three to four times and the 256GB variant of the XS Max is grabbed by the highest number of customers. However, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo stated that the 512GB variant has been witenssing a shortage due to Samsung being the only consistent supplier of NAND flash. The company is predicting that the demand will continue to rise during the fourth quarter of this year and it will majorly be from the Asian markets.

Apart from the flagship variants, the so-called-budget iPhone XR is also expected to sell commendably as the company assumes buyers will find it a better alternative over the iPhone 8. The company is currently facing some production issues related to LCD display of the lower-priced iPhone but that is likely to be solved by next month. Customers will be able to pre-order the iPhone XR starting October 19.