10 words to put on dating profile to guarantee a right-swipe


Creating the perfect dating profile is always a daunting task. However, now experts have revealed the top 10 words which can guarantee success when it comes to online dating apps.

Researchers at Badoo delved into their database to look at the most popular male and female singletons on the app and analysed their 'about me' sections, noting the words that appeared frequently in their bios.

Notably, the top bio word for female users was 'love' whereas the most swiped-right male users, had '6ft' in their bio.

While there were varying words for male and female users, ‘music’ and ‘gym’ appeared in both lists.

Further research by Badoo found that 87 per cent of users swipe-right if a person's bio is funny. This comes as no surprise, as a user's bio is a small window of opportunity to showcase their personality and stand out from the crowd.

Speaking about it, Badoo's in house dating-expert, Claire Stott, said that a good bio needs to be positive and give a flavour of what one is about.

He further added that when creating a profile, it can feel overwhelming at first when deciding what content to include.

He added, “Do not fear — our data tells us that a popular bio is one that is short and snappy, around only 20 words.”

He urged users not to be afraid to write about something that is specific to a person, such as their favourite film director or least favourite pasta dish.

'These sorts of things will help you to stand out and can often add a touch of humour. Even if your preferences turn off a few people, those that do appreciate them will probably be better matches in the long run,” he said, adding, “Plus, you're making it easier for them to initiate the conversation with something meaningful.”

Information on what a person is looking for and any potential deal breakers should also be added, he said.

Top words for men

  • 6ft
  • Family
  • Dogs
  • Dinner
  • Beard
  • Travel
  • Music
  • Relationship
  • Gym
  • Car

Top words for women

  • Love
  • Drink
  • Music
  • LOL
  • Gym
  • Coffee
  • Blue eyes
  • :)
  • Beer
  • Foodie


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