Yanis Varoufakis heads left-wing plot to create socialist EU SUPER-PARTY


Yanis Varoufakis and Gaspar Llamazares

Sources of the former Greek finance minister Mr Varoufakis and Spain’s Mr Llamazares, ex leader of leftist coalition Izquierda Unida, have meet “on several occasions” to give their joint crusade for a European power party momentum in preparation for European elections in May.

Speaking to Spanish publication 20minutos, the source said the pairing of the two movements is “almost certain” — so much so, both men will meet again in the coming weeks because “they have to coordinate agendas”.

The source added: “From the beginning there have been similarities between the postulates of Varufakis and those that Actúa has made regarding Europe.”

Though it is unclear what their name would be called, they hope to win a place in European Parliament next spring.

Currently, Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats hold the most number of seats at 221, giving the German Chancellor almost 30 percent control over the EU.

Mr Varoufakis and Mr Llamazares hope to oust her by joining forces.

Luis Martín, communication coordinator of DiEM25, confirms that they are in «talks with Actúa and other political forces» about their possible participation in «European Spring», the progressive coalition that DiEM25 leads ahead of the elections, held every five years.

Though Mr Martin refused to elaborate on the content of the talks, he did stress that he would rather “wait before making any announcement” and that any possible agreements reached between the coalition would be subject to ”approval” from both sides.

Yanis Varoufakis and Gaspar Llamazares

Though a pledge from an arm of Mr Varoufakis’s DiEM25 movement called new Deal for Europe aims to provide “all Europeans with the right to basic goods, to convert idle wealth into ecological investment, to share the benefits of capital and not to leave macroeconomic management in the hands of non-elected technocrats”.

The goal of DiEM25, as Varufakis said when presenting his movement two years ago, was to create a “metaphorical table” where Europeans discuss current problems.

For this he considered that they need «a movement that goes beyond borders because he believed that creating political parties within a country was the wrong way».

Mr Varoufakis is known for being outspoken and recently aired his thoughts on anything from Michel Barnier to Brexit.

Mr Varoufakis recently said the Brexit talks have been designed to fail and that Mr Barnier himself had been appointed to derail negotiations.

He said: Barnier was appointed to make sure these discussions failed.”

Mr Llamazares has kept a low profile after he threatened the FBI with legal action when authorities used an online image of him to create a picture of what Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Ladan would look like before he was captured.

Additional reporting by Maria Ortega.


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