Typhoon Shanshan path and tracking: Where is Shanshan now? Did it make landfall in Japan?


Typhoon Shanshan moved slowly away north off the Pacific coast of Japan today, after mostly missing Tokyo and avoiding landfall. 

The Japan Meteorological Agency is now warning heavy rain and high waves could be building in the eastern and northeastern regions. 

The storm is no longer a “strong typhoon’ due to the wind slowing down. 

The storm is expected to move east and lose even more strength. 

Tonight, strong winds are expected in northeastern coastal areas, as well as stormy conditions on Friday.

Where is Typhoon Shanshan now?

At 1pm local time, the typhoon was about 40 kilometres off Iwaki, in the Fukushima Prefecture.

The storm was travelling north at about 20 kph, with an atmospheric pressure of 980 hectopascal at its centre.

yphoon Shanshan path and tracking: Where is Shanshan now?

yphoon Shanshan path and tracking: Where is Shanshan now?

Gusts of winds surrounding it were recorded at 162 kph, according to the local weather agency.

At least 100 domestic flights were cancelled, as well as some trains.

Around 2,000 houses were also left without power in Tokyo.

However, there was no major damage to the region or traffic chaos.

yphoon Shanshan path and tracking: Where is Shanshan now?

Four people were injured, including an 82-year-old woman who fell and broke her leg due to the powerful wind, in Hitachinaka, in the Ibaraki Prefecture.

Yesterday, 157 mm of rain fell in the city of Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture.

At least 147 mm hit the city of Fukushima and 145 mm was recored in Kitaibaraki, in the Ibaraki Prefecture.

Winds reaching speeds of up to 162 kph are still expected in the east and northeast, as well as 120 mm of rainfall in the northeast by midday on Friday.

Japan is still recovering from a deadly heatwave, which left at least 120 dead last month.

Temperatures are still scorching in Tokyo and highs are expected to reach 33C over the coming days.