PUBG MOBILE Lite to gain favour with low-end Android phones


PUBG has been taking the world by storm, coming across as one of the topmost games to kill time in the most interesting ways. To capitalise on the trend, Tencent Games even brought an optimised version of the game for mobile platforms, which itself has proven to be one of the top titles on iOS and Android phones. However, in order to have an enjoyable gameplay experience, a phone requires powerful internals, which makes the game limited to those who can afford a premium smartphone. Tencent wants to solve that increase its appeal amongst budget smartphone users by bringing a Lite version for the Android platform.

Called PUBG MOBILE Lite, the game is claimed to be optimised for low-end Android phones without compromising on experience that the full version of the game delivers for more capable smartphones. So how have they achieved that?

Since PUBG MOBILE requires considerable resources to render big maps and 100 players at a time, the developer has put a cap on these two parameters, making it suitable for low-end devices. As a result, PUBG Mobile Lite will host up to a maximum of 40 players at a time and will render smaller maps. The developer claims that a smaller map will result in more intense battle royale sessions, similar to the recently introduced War Mode in the Console version. However, the players on the Lite version won’t be put in a game with those on the full-blown mobile version — thanks to the 40 player limit.

Want to get it on your phone? Sadly, the game is only available in Philippines as of now. However, the Lite version is on cards for India and is presently undergoing compatibility tests. It will be available via the Google Play Store.