Nirvana Being launches idMask2 air pollution mask


Nirvana Being announced the launch of idMask2 for adults and kids. We are well aware of the state of the air quality in India, in our urban environments. The highly elevated level of nanoparticles called PM2.5 make it very risky to engage in active sports.  When we are active, not only does the volume of inhaled air go up, but we pull the pollutants deeper into our lungs, which create health risks.

However, we all know the importance of sports for brain development in kids and for overall health and well-being of adults. With the intention to combat these environmental problems, Nirvana Being launched the idMask2.

These activity masks use patented technology which includes electrostatic cloud filters that capture pollution particles from PM2.5 down to PM0.3, with very little breathing resistance. The masks filter out 95 per cent of particles and the large surface area of the filter aids in comfortable air flow, as per the company.

The mask uses a hard-rugged plastic cover that is shatter resistant, with a tight airlock, and replaceable filters. The unusually shaped mask comes with adjustable elastic straps. The patented 3-layer facial seal technology is used to assure a comfortable airtight seal. The flexible silicone facial seal is said to adjust to the facial movements.

These are devised especially for use while engaging in intensive activities like running, bicycling, soccer, tennis, cricket, golf or any other active sport. Besides ensuring protection from all air pollutants, these masks are convenient to wear, as told by Nirvana Being.

The masks and accessories are available in various combinations; the mask is priced at Rs 3,000, the mask and filter set (with 4 filters) costs Rs 4,000 and with the shield the cost is Rs 4,900. The shield and mask combination costs Rs 3,800. The filter set and shield are available individually and in combinations at Rs 1,700, Rs 1,200 and Rs 2,500 respectively.