Chemicals in acrylic, gel nails can cause allergic reaction on face and genitals


A new study has found chemicals found in acrylic and gel nails can cause a bad allergic reaction on the face and genitals, the Daily Mail reported.

According to the charity British Association of Dermatologists (BAD), close to 2.4% are allergic to chemicals like methacrylates found in nail enhancements. BAD warns it can either cause your nail to loosen or an itchy rash on your skin.

The reaction is so bad that it can spread anywhere in your body. This includes the face, genitals, even your eyelids. Some people have also experienced more severe reactions like having difficulty breathing or swelling of the hand.

Previous studies have found females are most affected by the reactions to methacrylates.

"The truth is that there will be many women out there with these allergies who remain undiagnosed, because they may not link their symptoms to their nails, especially if the symptoms occur elsewhere on the body," Dr David Orton, from BAD, told the Daily Mail.

Adding, "It is important that they get a diagnosis so that they can avoid the allergen, but also because developing an allergy to these chemicals can have lifelong consequences for dental treatments and surgeries where devices."