Government, Netflix and NGOs join hands to deliver a message on online safety


The office of the Chief Minister Maharashtra, in partnership with the Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI), a leading global NGO working in the area of online safety organised a forum called “Create, Connect, Respect: Empowering parents and educators to guide connected children and youth,” on Monday August 6 in Mumbai. This event was supported by UNICEF India, Netflix and FICCI Arise. 

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Bringing together both global and local leaders in the area of online safety, the focus of this event was on how to enable children and youth to benefit from the advantages that the Internet has to offer. At the event, the discussions included how to equip youth and their guardians to use online tools and other techniques which ensure that they have a safe and age-appropriate experience online. According to an Alphabeta report, over 80% of Indian VOD consumers found online safety features useful and trustworthy in keeping themselves and their families safe.

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