Iron bar impales man’s skull through entire length, he makes miracle recovery


A Chinese worker was recently impaled by a thick and jagged metal bar through the skull.

Fortunately for him, he made a miraculously recovery.

The 56-year-old Kang Jie was on a site in the Gansu province when the reinforced spike dropped from two storeys and became lodged in the right side of his head.

Rescuers sawed off most of the protruding iron bar but around eight inches was still stuck in his skull.

He was rushed to the larger Xijing Hospital in Xi'an where a team of experts led by neurosurgeon Lin Wei raced against time to save his life.

X-rays showed how the rebar had pierced the full distance of his skull and medics said they were able to feel the end of the iron bar through the skin at the bottom of Kang's head.

An emergency craniotomy was performed on the workman during the three-hour surgery to have the metal bar removed.

Kang came out of the surgery without a brain bleed or any other obstructions in what medics called a "miracle".

In March, another Chinese worker was lucky to survive falling on a metal bar following a 22ft fall.