Holy Fire: Huge fire TORNADOES captured on video as blaze rages across California


Deadly tornadoes carrying wild flames were filmed by stunned locals at Lake Elsinore in Riverside County and uploaded onto social media.

In one video, a roaring inferno can be seen swirling and being lifted into the sky by super-strength winds that rip at trees, homes and traffic lights.

One social media user uploaded the video with the caption: “Crazy fire in Lake Elsinore about 10 min from us.

“I caught a huge fire tornado, biggest I’ve ever seen!

“The fire is raging.”

Other Twitter users were quick to comment on the shock sensation which was uploaded this morning.

One said: “Not too far from it myself… Looks mad from where you’re at.”

Another said: “The smoke is like creating a weird weather pattern where I live.”

holy fire tornado

holy fire tornado

The Holy Fire started on Monday and continues to burn though Riverside and Orange counties, which are two of California’s most populated regions.

As of last night, the blaze scorched more than 9,600 acres and still remains just five percent contained.

Schools have been closed in beauty spot Lake Elsinore and nearby Menifee and Perris as huge plumes of smoke pump into the sky while temperatures peak at 24C (76F).

More than 20,000 residents have been evacuated as a result of the Holy Fire.

holy fire tornado

The Holy Fire is the latest of 15 blazes to erupt which are ravaging California.

Carr Fire, began in Shasta County six weeks ago and has since killed eight.

Up to three victims were fire fighters.

Other fires in the state include the Hatt Fire, also in Shasta Country, the Ranch Fire in Mendocino County, the nearby River Fire and the Ferguson Fire in Oakhurst.

Holy fire tornado

The Holy Fire has destroyed 12 buildings since it began in the Cleveland National Forest and a man has been arrested in connection with the blaze.

Forrest Gordon Clark, 51 is currently being held on $1million bail on suspicion of two counts of felony arson, a count of felony threat to terrorise and misdemeanour resisting arrest, according to a statement from the Cleveland National Forest.

Hot temperatures in California have caused a tinderbox like vegetation, making flames quick to spread in thick underbrush and forest.

Continuing hot temperatures and warm winds have fanned the flames further, making it hard for fire crews to stem the fires.