Holy Fire update: Dramatic pictures show scorched California smoking from wildfire


Aftermath of the Californian Holy Fire

More than 22,000 acres of Californian forest and rural areas have been destroyed since the Holy Fire broke out on Monday, with flames still ravaging land across Orange County.

A state of emergency has been declared by governor Jerry Brown, while over 1,000 firefighters and volunteers tried to contain the blaze.

The fire has failed to be held back due to cascading terrain in the area, with many parts being impassable to the Californian fire crews.

Though it is said that they are making progress and have got the inferno under control up to 36 percent, but officials are concerned the fight is far from over.

The latest pictures show the devastation the Holy Fire has left in the wake of it’s path.

Pictures show many of the fire crew making headway, after taking extreme efforts to hold back the line of fire.

It may take weeks for life-threatening fires to be extinguished.

The Holy fire is only one of the huge blazes throughout California.

Firefighter battle the Holy Fire blaze

Scorched out cars are seen in the aftermath

Summer temperatures of more than 38C (100F) have been recorded in the country, adding to the fire-spreading conditions.

The country is seeing more devastating fires each year due to severe drought from the warmer weather and more homes being built in deeper forest areas.

Resident Shannon Hicks, 59, told CBS News about her experience of the dangerously spreading flames: “It looked like a tornado. The flames were just twirling and twirling.

“I thought, there was no way they were saving that house, but somehow they did.”

Fire crews clearly deadwood to prevent the spread

Locals from Horsetheif Canyon, Rice Canyon and McVicker Canyon have been told they can return home, but make sure they stay alert and prepare for changing conditions.

Forrest Clark, who was arrested earlier on in the week, is accused of starting the fire. 

Clark refused to leave his prison cell meaning his court appearance will be delayed until August 17th, where he will face charges of of arson.

Allegedly the man in question caused the blaze after an argument with neighbours.

Helicopter drop water to put out the fire

Rancho Santa Magaritaas the fire aproaches

Scorched Californian countryside

Fire is seen spreading across the hills

Firefighters dampen dried-out areas

Fire crews cover everything in pink fire retardant

Firefighters cut back all the deadwood

Forests are Devastated by the fire

Hand crews work on the fire line at the Holy Fire in Lake Elsinore

A line of fire battles through forests

Trees are destroyed in the fire