Women are rubbing toothpaste and Vaseline on their chests for bigger breasts


People across the globe try different ways for enhancing facial features as well as their bodies. While many go for exercise or surgery, there are those who follow bizarre and even harmful trends from social media.

The latest practice gaining popularity is being followed by women trying to get bigger and firmer breasts. Rubbing toothpaste and Vaseline on breasts for a better bust is a trend but is being slammed by experts as well.

One vlogger claimed that a concoction of toothpaste, flour, cucumber and egg whites can tighten saggy breasts in just five days. She said the mixture would close pores and tighten loose skin.

This video was watched millions of times and was followed by a blogger stating that the technique didn’t work at all. A leading plastic surgeon also slammed the advice saying that it takes advantage of women unhappy with their breast size and will follow any miracle fix promising instant results.