Politics | Информационное Агентство "365 дней" - Part 5


Chennai: Bus services resume after a day’s gap

Chennai: A day after the demise of DMK chief M. Karunanidhi, city and the rest of state returned to normal routine with all modes of transport services resuming across the state. However, crowds were missing at Chennai Mofussil Bus Terminus (CMBT) and in other terminuses across the state. On Wednesday, not even a single bus was operated across the state. ...

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War of words over Karuna interment

Chennai: The grand Dravidian patriarch has been laid to rest beside his mentor on Marina but the unseemly squabble over his soft bed is refusing to die down. In fact, the war of words between the miffed family and the AIADMK Government has gone vicious and assuming a jarring tone. DMK working president MK Stalin, writing his melancholic column, 'Ungalin ...

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America for sale

Let’s review some news from the first half of the week. Monday: The trial of President Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort revealed jaw-dropping crimes, and continues to do so. His key lieutenant in his former lobbying business, Rick Gates, testified that they committed multiple instances of bank and tax fraud together. Also on Monday, The Associated Press reported that ...

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Trump’s latest immigration injustice is a malicious travesty

The Trump administration wants you to believe it’s devoted to protecting American taxpayers from supposedly welfare-mooching foreigners. Don’t. What President Trump is really doing is shutting the door on all but a small sliver of well-heeled immigrants — while telling the «tired,» «poor,» and «huddled masses» yearning to put cheap food on American dinner plates to get lost. There was ...

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Winning 20 seats: BJP in tour mode

Bengaluru: Undeterred by the fact that an early start to the campaign ahead of Assembly polls did not help the party wrest power in May, leaders of the state unit of BJP will set out on a state-wide tour on Thursday in their quest to win 20 of the 28 Lok Sabha seats in next year's elections.  Sources in the ...

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The big lie at the heart of the technology revolution

There is a fundamental lie at the heart of the techno-populist-utopian vision that dominates so much of 21st century Western culture. The lie is the notion that the world would be a better place without gatekeepers. If only the most powerful information-dissemination technologies ever devised were left open to all — unregulated, uncontrolled, ungoverned by authorities who make decisions about ...

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Why people love fake news

Millions of words must now have been written on the perils, real and imagined, of «fake news.» Far less has been said about its considerable appeal. Let me be clear about what fake news is. I am not referring to articles or claims made by politicians that do not measure up by the standards of the bores at PolitiFact or ...

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Trump’s Mini-Me

Remember Mini-Me, the modestly-sized version of Dr. Evil from Austin Powers? It turns out President Trump has his own identical-but-more-compact minion: Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross. In a bombshell report on Monday, Forbes spoke with 21 of the one-time Wall Street titan’s former colleagues, who accused Ross of bilking them out of a combined $120 million over his career. «If even ...

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