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California wildfires latest: Blazes continue to EXPAND — when will they be contained?

The Mendocino Fire is still growing exponentially, and despite already being the largest in California history, continues burn into the countryside.

Along with the Carr and Holy Fires, California’s fire department is stretched out tackling the major blazes.

All of the fires have been met with dedication by fire services, with some giving their lives to protect the state.

However, firefighters are starting to lose ground as lethal flames fight back.

When will the California fires be contained?

The Mendocino wildfire is the dangerous combination of both the River and Ranch fires in California.

Now stretching to a total of 363,845 acres (568 square miles) it is unknown exactly when full containment is expected.

Currently at 68 percent containment, 147 residences, two injuries and one life have been lost in the chaos.

California wildfires map latest update

California fire department has put a provisional date of September 1 as expected containment, over two weeks away.

The CAL Fire department is also battling the Carr wildfire, which has stretched out over a total of 211,038 acres (329 square miles) in Shasta County.

This particular fire has managed to level 1,077 residences so far, and has killed three firefighters in the process.

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With over 4,000 personnel keeping the fire back, 67 percent containment has been reached.

California wildfires map latest

So far, CAL Fire has been unable to provide an expected date for full containment.

One of the fires closest to full containment is the Ferguson Fire, which has burned a total of 96,810 acres (151 square miles) of land.

Two people have died in the process of battling the flames, and a further 19 have been injured.

Now on its 34th day since sparking, the fire is at 87 percent contained, with 826 personnel still working on site.

Full containment of the fire was expected today, but some parts of the forest will still burn even after containment has been reached.

Carr wildfire latest updates containment

What are the California fires so hard to contain?

California’s dry and extreme weather this year has meant that the fires have developed over parched land, with fuels available in abundance.

Leaves and dead foliage scattered over the state have encouraged wildfires to leap over the landscape.

Shockingly, some of the major fires breaking out in California have been able to mimic volcanic weather.

Extreme heat means that the wildfires are creating their own clouds, named flammagenitus, or pyrocumulus.

The clouds can cause turbulent gusts of strong winds which push the fires in unpredictable directions, and trigger lightning which cause fresh flames.

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