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Hurricane Florence tracking models: Latest path projection — Florence could hit USA

Florence strengthened into a Category 3 hurricane today with potential maximum wind speeds of 129mph (208km/h), the US National Hurricane Center (NHC) said.

A category 3 hurricane has the power to wreck houses and uproot trees causing “devastating damage”, according to the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale.

Where is Hurricane Florence now?

Florence was located at 1,370 miles (2,205km) east of Bermuda at 4pm BST (11am EST), with maximum wind speeds of 125mph (205km/h).

The storm was churning at 13mph.

There are no costal warnings or watches currently in place.

NHC said: “Florence is flourishing in the face of southwesterly shear”, adding the storm was expected to “remain a strong hurricane through early next week” despite some weakening.

Hurricane force winds were extending up to 15 miles (30km ) from Florence’s epicentre, with tropical-storm-force gales up to 90 miles (150km) wide.

Will Florence hit the US coast?

Florence is on a west-northwest trajectory over the east Atlantic ocean.

Hurricane Florence tracking models: Florence

Hurricane Florence tracking models

While there is no possibility of it arriving in the US this week, there is the possibility it could endanger lives in the US after that.

Meteorologist Ryan Harrahan warned Florence “may be a problem for the east coast” on Twitter today.

He included a spaghetti model of its path projection, provided by the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts, showing the cyclone’s path.

Washington, North Carolina, South Carolinea and Georgia were all at risk, according to the image.

In a separate tweet, he wrote: “The issue with #Florence is going to be another huge ridge of high pressure building in next week.

“That effectively cuts off the escape route out to sea and sets the storm toward U.S. We’ll watch it every step of the way for you.

Hurricane Florence tracking model

Hurricane Florence tracking models

Where is Tropical Storm Gordon?

Florence follows in the wake of Tropical Storm Gordon which made landfall on the US Gulf Coast near the Alabama-Missippi border yesterday.

One child was killed in Florida after a tree fell on a mobile home.

However, storm damage has been minimal and Gordon has now weakened into a tropical depression.

The storm is now a tropical depression, moving north-west over central Mississippi.

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