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Hurricane tracker 2018: Where are hurricanes RIGHT NOW?

September 10 marks the peak of hurricane activity in the Atlantic Ocean, with the season tending to run from June 1 to November 30.

There are three hurricanes swirling in the Atlantic; Florence, Isaac and Helene at the moment.

Warm water is the key element for hurricane formation with the increase in frequency and intensity coinciding with the warm up into mid-August and September.

AccuWeather Hurricane Expert Dan Kottlowski said: “The warm weather does two things; it creates the lower pressure and allows the atmosphere to be more unstable.

“You have a better chance for thunderstorms to develop coherently around any rotating feature.”

Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence has now developed into a Category 4 storm as it heads towards the East Coast of the US.

Florence is about 1,240 miles (2,000 km) east-southeast of Cape Fear, North Carolina packing maximum sustained winds of 115 miles per hour (185km) per hour, the NHC said.

The centre of Florence is forecast to approach the coast of North or South Carolina in the United States on Thursday as a “large and extremely dangerous hurricane.”

Hurricane tracker 2018:

The storm quickly strengthened on Monday into a category four storm, a day earlier than expected.

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As of 12pm ET on Monday, Florence was moving at 13mph around 580 miles south-southeast of Bermuda, the NHC said.

Florence is nearing the US Atlantic shore, and the storm will benefit from “very warm” sea surface temperatures of up to 85 degrees.

Hurricane Isaac

Hurricane Isaac has become the fifth hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean.

The storm is heading towards the Lesser Antilles and will then track into the eastern Caribbean Sea on Wednesday night or Thursday.

Isaac is about 1,305 miles east of the Windward Islands with maximum sustained winds of 75mph, but it is expected to accelerate over the next 36 hours.

The NHC said: “Isaac is a small hurricane and uncertainty in the forecast is higher than normal. Although Isaac is forecast to begin weakening when it approaches the Lesser Antilles, it is still expected to be at or near hurricane intensity when it reaches the islands.”

The hurricane center said in the 5am advisory Isaac was holding steady in strength over the central Atlantic and was moving west at 14mph.

Hurricane tracker 2018:

Hurricane Helene

Hurricane Helene has become a hurricane off the coast of the African coast.

In the 11am ET advisory, the NHC said Helene had strengthened quickly over the tropical Atlantic with sustained winds of more than 105 mph and had been upgraded from Category 1 to Category 2.

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It is currently located 375 miles (600km) west of the Cabo Verde Islands, an archipelago near the African coast.

The centre said: “Some additional strengthening is expected today, and Helene is forecast to become a major hurricane by tonight.

Hurricane tracker 2018:

“Steady weakening is forecast to begin by late Tuesday.”

Hurricane Isaac and Helene are not threats to the US at this current time.

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