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Hurricane Florence path tracker: Virginia and Carolina weather — latest weather maps

Hurricane Florence is expected to hit the Carolinas within the next 36 hours say meteorologists.

The storm is now just 235 miles east-southeast of Wilmington, North Carolina. 

According to their 2am AST update (7am BST), the National Hurricane Centre (NHC) have placed Florence at a category two hurricane, with maximum sustained winds of 110mph.

Despite the weakening of hurricane Florence from a category three to a category two, severe winds and torrential rain are still expected to impact the East Coast of America. 

More than 1.5million people have faced evacuation orders as the storm bears down, and states of emergency have been declared in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Maryland.

Here are the latest weather forecasts by city for affected areas.

Norfolk, Virginia

Norfolk will awake to gusty showers today, which will become squalls leading into this evening and Friday. 

Squalls are sudden violent gusts of wind or localised storms combined with rain. Two to four inches of rain could fall. 

Hurricane Florence weather map

There will also be easterly gusts of 50mph, with rain and winds lasting until Saturday. 

Wilmington, North Carolina

Wilmington could face tropical storm conditions as early as mid-afternoon today, with strong winds throughout the day. 

Rain will approach the city this evening, becoming heavy rain by Friday morning. 

Winds will climb to between 70 and 90 mph according to forecasters, with storm conditions becoming the most severe on Friday at midday local time when Florence passes close by. 

Wilmington will still have tropical storm force winds on Saturday and could see total rainfall of up to 30 inches. 

Raleigh, North Carolina

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Tonight tropical storm conditions will begin in Raleigh, lasting until Saturday. 

Winds could reach 45mph, with three to five inches of rain possible. 

Charlotte, North Carolina

Winds will become strong gusts on Saturday, reaching a possible 40mph as rain approaches. 

Charlotte may see rain lasting through until early next week, with up to four inches possible. 

Affected areas on the east coast

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Tropical storm conditions will hit late this evening in Myrtle Beach, with intensified weather on Friday morning as winds reach up to 65mph. 

Steady squalls will occur on Friday, and with Florence’s movements slowing means that Myrtle Beach will see a long period of damaging winds this weekend. 

Friday night will feel the worst according to meteorologists, with strong storm surges potentially causing seawater to rise up to six feet above dry land. 

Total rainfall may be over a foot, with storm conditions lasting until Sunday.

Florence satellite

Charleston, South Carolina

Strong winds will begin late today for Charleston, continuing through Friday with the potential to grow even stronger on Saturday. 

There could be rain totalling eight inches, however, this forecast is highly uncertain and depends on the movement of Florence when it makes land. 

Columbia, South Carolina

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Wind and rain won’t reach Columbia until Saturday afternoon, steadily becoming stronger into Saturday night and Sunday. 

There is potential for rain to last until Monday, with eight inches possible. 

Hurricane Florence

Savannah, Georgia

There is the potential for storm conditions in Savannah, however, it lies on the southern edge of the storm so weather forecasts are uncertain. 

Should the storm reach Savannah, heavy rain and strong winds could develop on Saturday night into Sunday — with gusts of up to 60mph. 

Atlanta, Georgia

Again an uncertain forecast for Atlanta, with predicted clear skies on Friday and Saturday. 

However, the storm could extend to the city on Sunday triggering heavy rain and strong winds.

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