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‘Chequers deal is UNACCEPTABLE’ Macron demands new EU exit plans from May by October

Mr Macron said Mrs May’s proposals were “unacceptable” and warned he expected new proposals from Britain in October to rectify pending issues.

Following the EU27 summit, on Thursday afternoon Mrs May said there is a willingness to do a deal — but she was preparing for a no-deal, following Brexiteer critics and European Union heads of state dismissing the Chequers White Paper.

The French President was the latest leader to dismiss the proposals outlined at the meeting, saying that solidarity from the bloc was the only way forward.

Mr Macron said: “The first topic was the security of the EU and the fight against terrorism. We have made major progress against the financing of terrorism.

Emmanuel Macron has described leading Brexit campaigners as liarsEmmanuel Macron has described leading Brexit campaigners as liars

“The remaining topics were migration and Brexit. We have 4 challenges in migration: arrivals that have decreased, but continue repatriation.

“Italy, for example, without solidarity in recent years, has people who cannot get asylum, so we must accompany them home.

“The third challenge regards secondary movements. And the fourth is mainly political.

“The discussion now has been more open than last June. We have elements of convergence such as reinforcing dialogue with the countries of origin. We already have an investment plan with Africa to prevent departures and fight more effectively against traffickers.

“There is also strong convergence on strengthening the protection of common borders and to accelerate repatriations.”

Mrs May was snubbed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel earlier today and European Commission President Donald Tusk declared the Chequers plan “was dead”.

The French President denounced the UK’s Chequers plans as not feasible, saying Michel Barnier and EU negotiators were right to reject the deal.

He said: “We also talked about Brexit. After Theresa May’s presentation last night, we listened to Barnier.

Mrs May had a tense day at the Eu27 summit, where her Chequers proposal was widely denounced

«First, I want to praise the high-quality work led by Barnier. On this, we must be simple, clear and calm.

“The proposals from the UK are not acceptable in the economic field. We must defend the single market. “We cannot give anything up on this point. It is a vital, political and economic interest of the EU.

“It is necessary to use the next weeks to make sure our fundamental interests are respected.

I hope new British proposals will come for October.”

Donald Tusk and Jean Claude Juncker spoke to reporters after a tense summit in Salzburg

His comments follow Mr Tusk’s earlier press conference, where he confirmed there would be no withdrawal agreement without “a legally binding backstop agreement over the Irish border”.

Mr Tusk said the suggested framework «would not work», because it would risk “undermining the single market”.

After declaring Chequers was “dead”, he said the moment of truth for the UK would be October, where the EU would “expect maximum progress and results in the talks”.

Additional reporting by Maria Ortega.

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