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Typhoon Trami: New WARNING as Japan faces SEVENTH typhoon as Kong-rey strengthens

Typhoon Kong-rey is strengthening over the Philippines

The huge cyclone was heading to Tokyo tonight after battering western Japan this morning.

Much of the country has faced huge travel disruption with flights cancelled and train networks shut.

Despite Typhoon Trami losing some strength after making landfall earlier today it has still caused scores of injuries after lashing the nation with heavy rain and winds.

At least 1.7 million people have been advised to evacuated and tens of thousands have lose power around the capital.

Now residents have been warned of another typhoon heading their way across the Pacific Ocean.

Typhoon Kong-rey could hit Japan later this week with the strength of a Category 3 major hurricane.

Weather experts are tracking the typhoon.

AccuWeather Meteorologist Rob Richards said: ”Typhoon Kong-rey will travel across the Philippine Sea over the coming days and gradually strengthen.

Tokyo residents facing huge winds of Typhoon Trami

“After threatening the Ryukyu Islands, scenarios for Kong-rey’s expected track around the start of next weekend range from the typhoon targeting Taiwan and/or eastern China or curving northeastward to mainland Japan or the Korean Peninsula.”

It could see areas battered by Typhoon Trami facing another phase of devastation.

Reesidents have been told to keep a close eye on Kong-rey’s course.

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Fears are rising it would cause mass flooding and huge damage.

Trami: Major damage has been caused to the region of Miyazaki

Kong-rey would be Japan’s seventh typhoon of the year.

The record number of typhoons to hit the country is 10, which was the total met in 2004.

The latest cyclones will stretch the nation’s disaster budget.

One person is currently missing near Tokyo after being seen falling into an irrigation channel on a paddy field.

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