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Indonesia tsunami: Volcano erupts on disaster-struck Sulawesi island — LIVE UPDATES

Mount Soputan volcano has erupted on the disaster-struck Indonesian island where an earthquake and tsunami struck just days earlier, claiming the lives of at least 1,400 people.

The volcano emitted a 6,000-metre column of ash at 8.47am local time (1.47am BST) on Wednesday morning and prompted authorities to raise the volcano’s status to Level 3 of the four-level national volcano alert system.

Days before the eruption, Mount Soputan as showing signs of restlessness, according to volcanologists in the region, with some pointing the finger at the massive earthquake as the cause of the eruption. 

Here are the latest updates (all times in BST which is six hours behind Indonesia).

1pm update: Fears ash cloud may hamper tsunami rescue efforts

Aircraft in the area have been warned about the volcanic ash cloud, which can be hazardous for their engines. 

Air evacuations only recently began in Central Sulawesi and aid planes have just been able to reach Palu, the city most badly hit by the tsunami.

Indonesian President Joko «Jokowi» Widodo arrived in Palu just hours before Mount Soputan erupted.

The government has been heavily criticised for a lack of disaster planning as residents in and around Palu have struggled to get food, water or medical aid for days.

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This latest disaster has prompted fears the situation will continue to decline. 

12.34pm update: Volcanologists suspect volcanic eruption was triggered by earthquake

An Indonesian government volcanologist has said he suspects Wednesday’s eruption was caused by Friday’s 7.5-magnitude earthquake. 

Those in the area have been put on standby alert, meaning they should avoid going toward the volcano and have face masks available in case of ash fall. 

The volcano last erupted in 2016, and is one of Sulawesi’s most active volcanoes erupting some 39 times in the last 600 years. 

Indonesia volcano

Indonesia volcano

12pm update: Mount Soputan erupts on quake hit Indonesian island

Residents have been warned to stay clear of the volcano on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, after the eruption hit just five days after the deadly magnitude 7.5 earthquake and tsunami.

The 6,000m ash column which erupted from Soputan is said to have lasted for around six minutes.

A restricted area up to 6.5km to the west and southwest direction and 4km from the peak has been enforced by authorities, over concerns of potential lava and hot ashes.

Planes have been warned about ash clouds, as they can be hazardous for their engines.

Officials said: “Residents are advised to use dust masks to avoid any potential respiratory problems in the event of falling ash.”

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Indonesia volcano

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