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How are growing automobile start-ups playing key roles in automobile industries

There is no doubt that today we arevery dependent on technology, but the fate of any technology depends on the start-ups that are invented every day. Automobile industry means a lot to the modern culture society.

Cars today represent our class, lifestyle, status. Some people buy a car for daily travelling that fits their budget and needs, whereas some people buy a car to show their class and income tag.

The automotive world is evolving at a steady pace to accommodate various disruptive ideas brought in by different automobile start-ups while accommodating with the changing demand of the consumer. Auto start-ups are expected to change how cars are built, bought and driven.

Buyers and sellers have become smarter and the awareness factor has increased due to the access of information on the internet regarding every aspect of car owning and trading.

The automobiles sector is mainly divided into four main segments following as:

Two-wheelers– Scooters, motorcycles, mopeds and electric two-wheelers

Passenger Vehicles– Passenger cars, multi-purpose vehicles and utility vehicles

Commercial Vehicles– Light and medium-heavy vehicles

Three Wheelers– Passenger carriers and goods carriers.

Indian cars buyers are increasingly adopting the digital form of buying and selling or renting a car. It’s so time-consuming today to go to the showrooms and check options one by one, analyse prices and verifications, look after insurances and otheradd-ons, that buyers are opting for one stop shops to handle the entire process for them.

Online car trading has minimised the hassle into a convenient process starting from verification, test drive, insurance, registration passing, booking, price comparison etc., all of it is accessible with just a click. Such an ease of access is made possible due to the advent of various key automobile start-ups.

If we compare the above situation with selling or buying cars online we can analyse that if we have a car that we want to sell, we can do it without even leaving our home and without having to pay any kind of fees. We can simply get on the internet and look for sites that facilitate the buying and selling of cars, compare them too.

We are not restricted to using only one site. We can list our vehicle on as many sites as we want to. The other advantage of selling a vehicle online is that we can reach out to a larger number of prospective buyers. Through these websites, the number of buyers you can reach out to increases dramatically.

Nowadays we can even check and verify the value of used cars through various apps. This business has really made it easy for customers to understand the comparison and value with just one click against going around. According to a recent survey it is seen that today before purchasing a car people check online everything from specification, details, comparison with other models and brands and then set up their mind and finalize one car which they want to purchase.

Today we buy each and everything online, from needles to garments, chocolates to fresh meats. Online marketing is playing a vital role in creating an atmosphere where you don’t need to visit stores anymore and you can just buy it with one click.

There are some key factors which are shaping the future of India’s automotive industry. Survey says that the Indian automotive industry has a glorious future in India. The following are some factors relating to it:

Indian automotive market is the 3rd largest destination for investors and provides a huge opportunity for investment.

The increasein demand forfuel-efficient and performance-oriented products

Positive economy


Increase in the market segment

Better banking facilities in this sector

Skilled workforce effort

Governments various plans for the automobile industries growth

There is always new inventions and innovative ideas being developed by entrepreneurs and engineers are done.

The growth of start-ups online not only made the industry work hassle free but even ensured the growth of various automobile facilities in India, in a large number. People can easily compare and clear their doubts and buy the desired car when they want to without even leaving the comfort of their homes!

-By: Sujay Gupta, CEO,


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