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Here’s how this 111-year-old man still exercises every day

A large number of people struggle with their health as they age and many tasks just seem impossible in old age. While most of us can’t even think of surviving till the age of 100, some people manage to astonish the world as they achieve unbelievable feats at an old age.

111-year-old Henry Tseng has amazed people with a daily workout that many may consider impossible for someone his age. He rides a recumbent bike every day for 30 minutes and has been exercising for most of his life.

The man was also able to perform headstands in his 80s and used to go for morning aerobics classes in his 90s. Tseng says he feels great owing to regular workouts along with a positive approach in life.

He now pedals for 30 minutes and also does yoga in his wheelchair as he sometimes squeezes stress balls to improve his grip. When it comes to diet, Tseng eats little junk food and makes sure he takes a filling breakfast.


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