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In video: White woman confronts racist for harassing Hispanic ladies in store

A white woman is being hailed a hero for rushing to defend to Spanish speaking ladies while they were being abused a racist shopper.

The post, shared on social media shows the Good Samaritan threatening to alert the police as the racist woman keeps harassing the two women.

In the video, the woman can be heard stating, “You don't harass people…Hey, get out of here! Now!”

The racist — wearing an off-white shirt with jeans — wags her finger as she tries to talk over the irate woman, but the defender refuses to let her speak. 

'Do not. I am calling the cops,' the woman asserts. She is wearing yoga pants with a purple workout shirt and a fleece. She goes on to add, “You leave these women alone. Get out. Go!”

The racist tries to tell her that she comes 'from a different generation,' but the ally is not having it, retorting that she has 'respect and it does not matter.' 

'You will lose it. You will lose it. You will lose this country,' the other woman warns as she begins making her way back to her shopping cart.

However, she is followed by the Good Samaritan, who chastises her for harassing the women.

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The two continue their way to the front of the store and can be heard bickering as they get further away.

The racist woman tells the other that she will ‘lose this country’ again but she is barely audible.

'This woman needs to be escorted out of here,' the ally exclaims. 'You do not harass Hispanic ladies!'

Faby VelSa, one of the Spanish-speaking women from the video, shared on Facebook that the woman came and verbally harassed them for not speaking English.

The video has quickly gone viral, with more than 669,000 views since it was posted on Monday.

Many on social media have commented in disgust at the racist woman but a majority of the comments have praised the white woman for stepping in for the others.


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