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5 affordable ways to turn chicken thighs into dinner

There’s a reason we consider chicken a winner dinner. It’s an affordable, filling option with tons of variety. And if you’re going to break it down by cost, there’s a cut we’re flocking to: those thighs.

The average price of a pound of chicken thighs is about $1.20. But cheap doesn’t mean boring. Chicken thighs shine in all sorts of dishes, from roasting and grilling to braises and sheet pans. Sure, they have bones, but they’re easy to eat around and add tons of flavor. (Plus, I sincerely hope you keep that crispy, tasty skin!)

Looking for ways to dress up a thigh dinner? We’ve grabbed some of the most-loved recipes from our site. You’re sure to find a winner below:

1. Braised chicken thighs with tomato and garlic

(James Ransom/Food52)

Easy enough to be your weeknight go-to, this braise makes use of canned tomatoes and a healthy dose of garlic.

2. Chicken adobo with rice

(James Ransom/Food52)

«Vinegar and soy sauce work together in harmony to bring out the best in garlic and soften whole black peppercorns just enough to where when you bite down on one, it yields easily, filling your mouth with a welcome cheek-numbing spice that cuts through vinegar’s tang,» says recipe developer Jackie Varriano. If that doesn’t have you salivating, I don’t know what will.

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3. Gong bao ji ding

(James Ransom/Courtesy Food52)

Thighs can be tender, too! With a soak in Chinese wine-flavored marinade and a coat of Szechuan-seasoned sauce, this gong bao chicken can’t be beat.

4. Extraordinary marinated and roasted chicken, potatoes, and chickpeas

(James Ransom/Courtesy Food52)

One-pot roasted chicken is great. But one-pot roasted chicken with crispy chickpeas and soft, marinade-soaked potatoes? Heaven.

5. Canal House’s chicken thighs with lemon

(James Ransom/Courtesy Food52)

Please tell everyone you love about this insane technique from our Genius guru: «You don’t sear, and you don’t roast, and you don’t grill — you don’t do any of the things we’re taught to do to chicken. Instead, you lay the chicken, skin side down, in a barely hot pan. Then you leave it mostly alone for about 30 minutes, flipping only once. The skin becomes impossibly crisp, enough so to satisfy your darkest fried chicken cravings.»

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