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Apple systems to work by your gesture and presence

Apple has been filing various patents for a while which convey that the company has already pulled up its socks for the future demands of technology. And, the company's efforts aren't limited to smartphones but it is also working on making home entertainment systems smarter than what they are currently. This has become clearly apparent now as the company filed a new patent which shows its home entertainment systems could work based on our gestures and presence.

(Image: PatentlyApple)

The system will be built around Apple's TrueDepth Camera system which has the capability to judge your body language and operate accordingly. The same mechanism is responsible for currently utilised features in iPhones such as Face ID and Animoji.

The system has been mainly developed by three of Apple's engineers which include Thorsten Gernoth, Xiaojin Shi and Feng Tang. The team works on various sections which are required to develop this system. What made the advancement of such feature possible is the combination of various techniques including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and computer vision.

The home entertainment systems which will be developed based on the patented technology will be able to interpret the surrounding of its placement. It will also be able to understand your facial expression, body posture, position and gesture to manage various tasks such as operating games, volume and tuning. With the help of its depth-sensing technology, Apple will also make these systems work through hand gestures.

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The source conveys that the patent was filed in 2015 but the US Patent and Trademark Office published the report now. As to when the technology will come to consumer's disposal, no timeline has been revealed for it.


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