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OnePlus 6T launch confirmed, just a few days away

OnePlus 6 did lend some commendable numbers to the brand for its performance which is at par with phones much more expensive. However, there was no reliable report about its sibling OnePlus 6T's launch, until now.

A recent report from CNET skyrockets the excitement of OnePlus fans as it reveals that the T variant of the OP 6 will be launched globally in October this year, along with the US. The story focuses on the T-Mobile's exclusive partnership with the Chines smartphone maker to launch the OnePlus 6T in the US. However, it also confirms that the rest of the countries won't be left deprived of the much-awaited smartphone.

There are also speculations about the pricing. It is likely to set back the buyers with $550 (approx Rs 38,300), that's not yet confirmed though. As for the US, there still could be a blockage in the launch process as OnePlus needs to get the technical approval at the T-Mobile carrier. The delay in this approval can postpone the launch in the US and, maybe across the globe.

Looking at the pricing, it appears that the company will follow the same agenda of pricing the smartphone competitively while infusing features and performance similar to those higher priced phones including the iPhoneX and the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. To get answers to all of our queries, we have to wait until the OnePlus 6T is officially launched.

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