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FiiO launches FB1 Bluetooth earphones and μBTR Bluetooth receiver

Building upon its existing catalogue of audio devices, FiiO has recently launched the FB1 Bluetooth earphones in India and have priced them at Rs 2,990. These earphones support aptX, SBC and AAC audio codecs over a wireless connection. The FB1 comes with a large 13mm dynamic driver that FiiO claims are specially tuned for popular music.

The FiiO FB1 comes with a 110mAh battery where it takes just two hours to fully charge and has a playback time of 8 hours. With 10 minutes of charge, you can also listen to an hour of music. The earphones also support connecting with two devices at the same time this helps in reducing the time it takes to pair devices. With the CSR8645 Bluetooth 4.1 chip installed, users can listen to the earphones that are kept 20m away from the source.

The earphones are also said to be lightweight and weigh just 20g. The FB1's body has been coated with Nanospray, making for a smoother feel while allowing for resistance against scratches and stains. The FiiO FB1 come with 3 pairs of different sized ear tips, 3 pairs of ear hooks, and a storage bag.

The brand has also launched a BT receiver — μBTR Bluetooth Receiver in India and have priced it at Rs 2,490. FiiO claims the μBTR brings the premium Qualcomm CSR8645 Bluetooth chip to the affordable device segment for the first time. It too comes with BT 4.1 and supports aptX, SBC, and AAC audio codecs for wireless audio, up to a distance of 10 meters. The receiver features a Texas Instruments TPA6132A2 headphone amplifier that helps in providing a higher-quality wireless experience which FiiO claims are better than even a wired connection.

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The μBTR features independent local volume control, which means that you can adjust both the Bluetooth device’s volume and the μBTR’s own volume separately. For voice calls, it comes with a built-in high sensitivity omnidirectional microphone allows others to hear you clearly.

The FiiO μBTR comes with a 120mAH battery that offers 9 hours of playback. FiiO claims that the battery needs just one hour to be recharged fully. With the μBTR’s NFC functionality, a user can pair over Bluetooth with just one touch between the devices. The μBTR allow easy access to voice assistants including Siri with just a double click of the main button. The μBTR weighs 12.5g and measures 5.5cm long making it portable enough to carry along. Like the FB1 BT earphones, this BT receiver can be paired up to two Bluetooth devices.


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