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Prysm Video wall-to-wall: Size does matter

Indian-talent-driven global visual tech solutions provider —  Prysm —  has launched the world's largest interactive ( touch sensitive) single panel display here in two sizes  190 inches and 135 inches. It uses the company's proprietary Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) technology, claimed to be superior to LED and LCD display: it has a larger gamut of colours,  superior contrast ratio, consumes 20 per cent less power while costing significantly less per square metre. The Prysm LPD 6K series has a resolution equal to 6K in the 190-inch size and 4K in the 13 -inch. It is touch sensitive and fully interactive.  Perhaps most usefully, the screen is flexible: it can be rolled up for transportation into a 6-foot high tube.

Prysm's founder and CEO, Amit Jain, says the launch of LPD 6K Series, has set a new global standard for interactive video walls and collaborative displays. Much of the software for its Visual collaboration suite was created by the company's Bangalore team. Dell is harnessing the technology in India as part of its smart city solutions.

It was true about Godzilla and it is true about video walls: Size does matter. The typical cost of the LPD 6K is around $100,000 (Rs 70 lakhs).

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