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Samsung reveals Nokia’s five-camera-phone’s details

Everyone who closely follows tech must be well versed with the plans of Nokia to bring the first-of-its-kind five-camera setup on its future flagship — Nokia 9. Earlier leaks clearly showcased the set of five cameras sitting at the rear of the smartphone accompanying an LED flash and IR sensor, all residing in a circular fashion. While this was already hard to digest, the Nokia 9, in a strange incident, got listed on the Samsung’s buyback program in Latvia and Estonia.

Obviously, it is unusual for a competitor listing another brand’s device which is yet to be unveiled. Basically, the agenda of Samsung’s buyback program is that they would give you a discount on a Galaxy device purchase if you return the Nokia 9 device, after it is rolled out. The amount of discount depends on the variant of Nokia 9 you are willing to give away.

Interestingly, Samsung also seems to know all the variants of the Nokia 9, as could be seen in the list. It is shown to be distributed in four variants — 128GB dual SIM and single SIM and, 64GB dual SIM and single SIM. Amongst all the features which Nokia 9 is expected to come with, the most anticipated remains the five camera setup which was recently leaked by a user on Weibo, a Chinese social platform. It is also speculated to come with in-display fingerprint sensor.

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Now, all this gives rise to a question — Where did Samsung got all this information from? We still cannot comment on if the company has full-proof information or it is just the brand’s prediction based on the reports over the internet. The listing of the Nokia device on Samsung’s Latvian/Estonian website was noticed by famous tipster Roland Quandt which he revealed on his Twitter account.



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