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Broke your Xiaomi device? Here’s the price for replacement parts

In 2014, Xiaomi was a little known brand that entered India. The Chinese brand stood silently and watched their first smartphone surprise them on how the country accepted the brand with craze. In three years, the brand rose to the top, not only to be the number 1 smartphone brand in the country, but also to beat many old-time seasoned rivals at their own game. Xiaomi is presently the most favorable, recommended, trusted and sought-after brand in the market today.

Xiaomi not only manufactures smartphones, but has a plethora of digital and non-digital devices under their name. While most of them are available in China, we have seen a few end up in India. Apart from smartphones, TVs, routers, air purifiers, speakers and a few more are already doing good sales, beyond the expectation of the brand themselves. After China, India is the most profitable playground for Xiaomi.   

While many ended up buying their millions of products, there are a lot of them who suffer device breakdowns. Be it factory faults or physical damage, all products do need service centres to get them up and running again. There are thousands of Mi service centres across the country that can take care of these issues. While factory faults are self explanatory, there are many out there who suffer problems post the warranty period and want to service the same using genuine parts. So if you have unfortunately broken your smartphone or TV’s display, or if your battery needs a replacement, it is always recommended that you head for genuine spares.

But how would you know how much will your smartphone’s repairs and spares cost you? The only possible way is to head to the nearest Mi service centre, submit the device and get a quote. Later you can decide whether it is worth the repair or simply scrap it and buy a new one.

But did you know that you could actually save some time on doing that? So if you know that your smartphone’s display is broken and needs a replacement, you could simply check out the price for the spare part(s) and take a call whether you need repairs or simply upgrade to a new phone. For example, if you broke your Redmi Note 5 Pro’s display, you could end up spending Rs 3,599 + service charges + taxes. Of if you managed to break the Xiaomi 55-inch Mi TV’s panel, you would end up with a whopping Rs 29,999 + service charges + taxes.

The following list will give you a heads-up with an approximate and estimated repair cost for the spare part needed for your device and you could then take a call later. Apart from this, you could also be assured that the Mi Service Centre (or partner service centre) is not cheating you by quoting you a wrong price. So check out the entire list of Xiaomi smartphone and TV spare parts below in case you need service for your device.

(PSST: Even if you don’t need service/parts for your Xiaomi device, the following parts’ prices will at least tell you how carefully you should handle your phones or TVs.)



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