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This wireless charger is perfect for iPhones, designed with Apple

Wih the rising advancement in smartphones and its peripherals, even the charging facility has gone wireless. And, when it comes to charging your iPhone wirelessly, Logitech's powered wireless charger seems to be the best bet.

Logitech is a newly emerging company in terms of wireless chargers but the product it has build has proved a perfect accessory for the iPhone X and the iPhone 8, according to the source. The build quality and its design have apparently gratified the testers when they used it for charging their iPhone X.

Allegedly, the charging stand possesses a robust and grippy type of material which snugs the iPhone very well keeping it firm in mostly any situation (such as while vibrating). It can charge the iPhone in both angles, vertically and horizontally.

Although the Logitech powered wireless charging stand can charge all Qi-compatible devices, its features closely resemble those of Apple products and it looks to have been made especially for iPhones. That could be attributed to the fact that it has been designed and developed in collaboration with Apple.

When we are talking about Apple, a little premium price over other products is ought to be demanded and this applies to this product as well. Logitech is expected to launch the wireless charger this month with the price tag of $ 69.99 (approx Rs 4,800). Well, an iPhone deserves and demands that much of expense, even if it's just a charger.  

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