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What’s coming from BlackBerry at IFA?

BlackBerry disappointed people who were anticipating the KEY2 owing to its high price compared to the features it offers. The KEY2 LE has been in the rumours for a while and this is giving slight hopes as it is expected to be a lower priced version of the KEY2.

TCL, the parent company of BlackBerry, has sent out an invite saying ‘Save the Date’ mentioning August 30 to be the date of IFA event in Berlin. The company didn’t say anything about the phone model to debut but speculations suggest it will be the Lite version of the KEY2.

By Lite, perhaps the company doesn’t mean a smaller variant but it will come with specs a bit scaled down. We can expect the Snapdragon 636 chipset instead of the 660 which is there on its elder sibling and this might be coupled with a 4GB RAM.

The 3500mAh battery could be replaced with a smaller 3000mAh unit which would not be enough. Another element expected to be stripped down is the camera which could be a pair of 12MP and 5MP sensors (KEY2 has two 12MP sensors). However, what makes this smartphone worth waiting for is its useful and compact keyboard.

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